Monday, February 24, 2020

DPP Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

DPP - Assignment Example I will need to be more diligent in consulting with various sources of literature on marketing and consumer-related phenomenon which will require more focus on independent study. The curriculum will also require understanding of statistical data that is highly valuable in a marketing career which will require gaining more practical knowledge of software systems that assist in data analysis. In virtually every job today, there is a requirement for the employee to be able to organise and evaluate data utilising various technologies (Cordes 2009). In order to become an effective marketing manager, I will require experiential learning on such applications as SPSS to familiarise myself with research data analyses as this will be a crucial skill in the marketing industry to gain important knowledge of consumer characteristics. Current skills gap include presentation skills, something that can be more effectively developed through experiential learning. Via practice, utilising Microsoft Powe rpoint, peer network resources and tutors, I will be able to develop better public speaking skills. I also require sharpening of my business English skills, something crucial for relationship development in business-to-business marketing. Through registration with online language courses and reading of business theory literature, I will develop the appropriate professionalism required in businesses. I also require improvement of my marketing management skills, which can be developed through attentive attendance of course lectures and through consultation with primary research studies on a plethora of phenomenon in marketing theory. Career moves Key Skill Relevance to Marketing Management Quality communications skills Face-to-face meetings and relationship development (Simply Hired 2013). Ability to analyse financial data Budget analyses and strategy development (Simply Hired 2013). Creative thinking skills Advertising development and promotion (Brassring 2013). Problem solving skill s Brand redevelopment and repositioning Providing evidence that communications skills are well-developed will require expressing competency in providing explanations, during the self-description process, and ensuring that the interviewer understands that I am detail-oriented when working with others, paying close attention to the sender before providing responses. Carr (1992) offers that in team environments where group consultations occur regularly, a leader must be like a coach, one who inspires others, builds their confidence, and opens effective lines of mutual discussion. It will be possible to illustrate to the potential employer that I have quality communications skills by focusing on my understanding and values related to team development and being able to provide personal experiences about participative leadership. This will clearly show that I am focused on opening dialogue between organisational members and strongly value consensus-based team operation. The ability to ana lyse financial data would not be exceedingly difficult. I can express to the potential employer that I am well-versed in understanding balance sheets, cash flow forecasts, and income statements to show the diversity of knowledge I hold about reading and assessing financial information. Mentioning the relationship between profit and loss and the administrative costs of marketing strategies and special marketing projects will show that I am competent in understanding the linkages

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