Friday, February 7, 2020

Biography, a Fascinating Instrument of Learning History Introduction Essay

Biography, a Fascinating Instrument of Learning History Introduction - Essay Example Biographies are important due to the imperative role they play in mentoring us. When we read other peoples story, we gain an insight of the challenges they faced and how they managed to succeed. When in a predicament, reading a story of someone who was once faced by the same predicament could encourage you and offer a solution to the problem at hand. People like reading biographies of people in their career to act as a source of motivation. For example, an aspiring author reading the memoir of a great writer gets inspired and aim at writing a more fascinating work. Biographies seek to analyze the events in a person’s life thus by reading them we get to be acquainted with them better and are able to connect. Other people find biographies enticing due to their content, which is predominantly enlightening. It is also through biographies that we gain experience, lessons, as well as tips to a successful future. Biographies lean more on positive achievements thus when we read them w e become enthusiastic to better ourselves. In conclusion, biography is and will always remain one of the most educating, informative and motivating resource. Their comprehensiveness remains one of their supreme aspects of learning history. Rhetoric Techniques Used By Advertisers to Market Products Introduction The television commercial is about a newly invented washing detergent. Featuring are a mischievous pupil, his mother and a neighbour. This essay describes the commercial and analyzes rhetorical techniques applied in the commercial. The commercial starts with the boy on his bed thinking of an incredible tomfoolery to use to avoid attending school the following day. Suddenly, he nods his head, walks to the kitchen cabinet, and comes back tomato paste. He hurriedly opens his wardrobe removes his clean white shirts, smudges them with the paste, and returns them back. Later in the afternoon, his mother comes to find collect the shirts for ironing and is perplexed by the stained shi rts. She rushes out to the neighbour’s house where she supposes the boy could be but instead meets only the neighbour. When she explains her predicament, the neighbour enters into an adjacent room and comes out with a bottle. She explains that inside it, is a detergent that cleans out all the stains, but retains the bright colours. She lends her the detergent to wash the shirts. Early the following morning, the mother comes to wake the boy who smile cunningly and tell the mother he does not have a clean shirt to go to school. The mother removes her hands from the back and she is holding white smartly ironed shirts. He rhetorically asks, â€Å"But mum, how did you clean the hard stains?† the neighbour immediately walks in holding the bottle with the detergent and displaying clearly written name of the detergent. She concludes the advertisement when she says. â€Å"Stains disturbing you? Here comes your ever lasting solution.† The rhetorical techniques include the failure of the boy realizing the mother removed and washed the shirts, the boy unwittingly declares he was behind the mischief. It is also rhetoric when the neighbour walks in suddenly to reveal the detergent. To conclude this essay, rhetoric techniques are very important in television commercials as they make prospective customers yearn to watch the entire advertisement. This thus markets the product more. Poetry Trying to define poetry is like chasing after the air, the moment you imagine you have it in

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